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In today’s time, people’s eating and drinking habits have become such that people have to face the problem of constipation every day.

Gradually it progresses towards chronic constipation which is very painful.

Constipation increases the chances of developing thousands of diseases, including piles, fistula fissure, which is a very painful disease and cannot be cured quickly.


chronic constipation

chronic constipation


The reason for constipation is that our daily routine has become completely different, we have started giving a lot of rest to our body.

we use bike and car to go to small places, we need to walk a little and one of the reasons for this is that And the reason is that our eating habits have deteriorated a lot which affects our liver and it does not function properly.

We are leaving the natural things and using fast food like pizza, burger, chow mein, momos, which is very harmful, it is very useless for our liver and intestines.

Some remedies to eliminate constipation from its roots.

The first reason for constipation is that we do too much physical activity in our daily life, which affects our digestive system and it becomes slow.

Despite that, we eat a lot of cheese and burgers while sitting.

On the contrary, we keep eating straight cheese, Pizza, Burger due to which our digestion becomes very slow and causes constipation.

Following given some of the natural way we can eliminate constipation which given below :

  1. Running / Walking
  2. Fiber Habbits
  3. Homeopathy Medecine
  4. Exercise
  5. Yoga

1. Running / Walking

Running or walking is very beneficial for health, like if we walk or run in the morning, our liver and intestines get strengthened.

If we cannot walk in the morning, we should definitely walk in the evening.

If you do brisk walk then it is very beneficial because in this you have to walk 100 steps within 1 minute and if you walk 5000 steps at this speed then your problem of constipation will end forever and you can follow this rule daily.

walking and running

keep doing daily basis.

2. Fiber Habbits

Unless we change our eating style Till then we cannot get rid of chronic constipation, we should include salad and fruits in our diet so that we will get adequate amount of fiber and to be able to eat more fiber.

if you eat a little bit of sweets then you can consume murabba. There are many types of murabba available online like vine murabba, bamboo murabba, apple murabba etc.


fiber foods

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