How to cure Constipation Naturally without any Medicine

How to cure Constipation Naturally without any Medicine

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Liver is a very important part of our body and if our liver works well then we do not have to face any kind of problem with digestion because the liver absorbs our fat, minerals and many such enzymes and sends them to different parts of the body because the liver is a very big powerhouse of the body.


 The energy required to run our body reaches those parts of the body by saving it from food and also works to purify the blood. How to cure Constipation Naturally without any Medicine Today we will know how we can make the liver healthy and how to cure constipation because it will be correct only when your digestion is good


Why Happening Constipation Daily?

Friends, in today's time, the problem of constipation has become very common. People are getting troubled every day because constipation is not a disease, it is a part of our lifestyle because we are working very less compared to earlier. 


If we go a few years or a few decades back, then earlier people used to work very hard and used to walk and what do today's people do,


People just travel by bike or car to spend their life comfortably, they do not want to walk. If they have to go one or two kilometers, they will take the bike and go.


People do not think that we are doing a very wrong thing towards our health, which later weakens our liver, our intestines, our entire digestive system because rest is forbidden, the more hard work you give to the body, the stronger it will be and the more your functionality like liver, Hart, all this will be very good because liver is strong.


if you work hard then your liver will also be very strong, if you walk, your liver will be very fit. 


How We Can Cure Constipation Naturally?


We are going to tell you how we can do this in a natural way, meaning that this problem does not arise at all, we have to follow it in our daily routine, just like we eat food, drink water, in the same way we have to follow this routine and it is simple, it is very easy, you can do it, so let us know what we have to do on a daily basis. 


  1. Daily Walking 

  2. Cycling

  3. Fiber Foods


Daily Walking 

Walking is considered very good for our health. It is not that we can only control our hands by walking, apart from this it makes a huge difference to our liver and the movement of our intestines becomes very good, even the whole digestive system works well and we remain fit, so we have to make it a habit to walk daily if you want to get rid of constipation.

Daily Walking Cure Constipation

Time  Management of Walking : If you go for a daily walk, then people understand that it is very simple, what benefit will you get from it, there is nothing like that, you should do walking only in the morning, there is no big restriction for it.

when you do it in the morning, its benefits are double , if you do not have time to go for a walk in the morning, then you should go for a walk in the evening, so how can you people manage this, and no time is needed for walking, if you are not getting time in the morning, then go for a walk in the evening.



Cycling has been a part of our lives since ancient times, when people used to go to work by cycling, to fulfill their general needs.

Daily Cycling to cure Constipation

People used to go to some distance by cycling, earlier people used to cycle for 50 kms, due to which their body's immunity was very strong, their digestive power was very strong, they could digest whatever they ate properly, but today's people have started giving more importance to bikes, buses and trains.