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Constipation is a problem which around 80% of the people in the world are facing daily. To understand kabj ka ilaj kya hai, we must first know what constipation is.

In today's time, the problem of constipation has become common because in today's time people mostly like fast food and outside items, remain irregular and have a very different life style, due to which the problem of constipation has become common.


First of all, we should know what constipation is. Constipation is basically like when we go to defecate in the morning and our stomach is not clean, sometimes it happens a little bit, sometimes it feels like if we go one more time, the stomach feels heavy, if you feel like this then understand that you have the problem of constipation.


The day when this happens to you, for two-four days in a week your stomach gets cleaned properly and for one or two days your stomach is not cleaned, then understand that you have the problem of constipation.



Constipation in our body indicates our weak digestion. Somewhere our digestive power is getting weak. What actually happens is that the movement of our large intestine does not happen properly, hence the problem of constipation occurs.

Sometimes constipation also happens in the condition when you travel a lot or have to travel a lot. Every day you have to travel somewhere or the other, so constipation happens in that condition too, so in this post we will tell you how to get rid of it and we do not only hope but expect that after reading this post and following it, your constipation will go away forever and you will never be bothered by constipation.


kabj ka ilaj - It is a very good solution for constipation because to prevent constipation we have to take some fibers and some such ayurvedic medicines or fruits which have high fiber content so that our digestive system does not have to work hard and it gets strengthened.

First of all, we will tell you to consume some fruits to avoid constipation, if you consume them regularly then you will always be free from constipation and apart from that, we will tell you some Ayurvedic powders which are very safe for our health and it is very well described in Ayurveda for constipation and also cures many diseases, so we will tell you about that too.

First of all I tell you that by consuming fruits you can easily overcome constipation, you will have to consume it for a few days, after that when your digestion will become normal then you can try leaving it.

Consuming pomegranate cures constipation

kabj ka ilaj - Eating pomegranate will be very good for your health and more than that, it is an effective treatment to get rid of constipation. Whenever constipation troubles you a lot, you feel that my stomach is not getting cleaned, I have taken a lot of medicines, powders but still I am not getting relief, then you should eat a pomegranate without hesitation and you will see that your stomach will get cleaned.

If you consume pomegranate daily for 1 month, your digestion system will become very good.


Triphala intake

kabj ka ilaj - The intake of Triphala is very good for our health. Triphala is an ayurvedic powder and it contains the three fruits amla, harad and baheda. If you make it at home, it will be very good because consuming home-made Triphala in equal quantity has a very good effect on our health.

kabj ka ilaj – Let me tell you that you should take Triphala or Dhootpapeshwar of HDL company, otherwise do not try to buy any other brand because you may not get the correct one, I have checked it myself, if you do not get Dhootpapeshwar , then go to the grocery shop near your house and get it in equal quantity, prepare it at home by drying it in the sun and grinding it.



Treatment of constipation with Nux Vomica homeopathy medicine

kabj ka ilaj – As you know, Nux Vomica has a very important role in homeopathy. This is a medicine which you can take only at night. You have to take 30 potency of Nux-Vomica.

If you are suffering from severe constipation, like you are troubled by constipation, the symptom of constipation should be that when you go to freshen up then you feel the motion rapidly but the stomach is not clean then you have to take four to five drops of Nux Vomica 30 potency in the morning on an empty stomach and at night just before sleeping, you have to take it for one to three months, your problem will be eradicated from the root.

Now the question arises that from which company should you buy Nux Vomica, you can buy from any company but keep in mind that it should always be sealed packed, whether it is from Germany or India, if it is Indian then especially try to get SBL, BAKSON, WSI i.e. Schwabe India and International, it should be all these companies and in German it should be Dr. Reckwag, if you get Nux Vomica from any other company, it should be sealed packed.



Essential instructions : Kabj ka ilaj – You should take Nux Vomica only after asking a homeopathic doctor because sometimes if you are taking any medicine, it can reduce its effect because it eliminates the side effects caused by any medicine, so you must take the advice of a homeopathic doctor once if you are taking any medicine, otherwise if you are healthy and are not taking any medicine, you can take Nux Vomica even without asking any doctor, your constipation will be cured from the root.
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