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Here we are talking about Lycopodium, which is a very important polycrystalline homeopathic medicine, lycopodium 200 uses in Hindi. Lycopodium is used very widely in homeopathy.

Today we will learn about Lycopodium

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Lycopodium can be used for any type of problem occurring in our body, provided the problem starts from the right side.

Lycopodium is especially used on the lower abdomen and is also used to treat lover related problems. lycopodium 200 uses in hindi

lycopodium 200 uses in hindi

How does Lycopodium work?

Lycopodium works when any disease is gradually progressing like your working power is decreasing slowly than before and digestion power is less than before or a lot of problems related to digestion are arising. The working capacity of the lover has reduced compared to before.

Especially Lycopodium is a medicine for the right side, like for liver problems, for right kidney related problems and also for the problem of stones in gall bladder. The one who has frequent stones should take Lycopodium 200 once a week. It should be taken to get relief from the problem of recurring stones.

The medicine on the left is Nux vomica. This is also a special type of medicine for reticulated. Reticulated means that your stomach gets filled with water again and again. It means that there is a problem in your liver due to which your stomach gets filled with water again and again. Used to be.

lycopodium 200 uses in hindi

How to use Lycopodium 200

Lycopodium 200 is used when maximum symptoms of mental symptoms related to Lycopodium are observed. We will tell you about mental symptoms in simple language. If you are getting mental symptoms then understand that if you have any disease which is on the right side then it will not take time to get rid of this problem. lycopodium 200 uses in hindi

mental symptoms of lycopodium

The patient of Lycopodium is always sad, there is a lot of sadness inside him because there is always a despair inside him. When he is alone somewhere, he feels scared whether it is at home or somewhere outside.

Small things keep troubling him, he doesn’t feel like doing them and lacks self-confidence. When he suffers from any illness, he becomes arrogant. His memory is very weak, he forgets things very quickly.

he does not have the habit of seeing anything new, he has the habit of seeing everything as before, as soon as some people come to the house, he gets into trouble. Speaks wrong words, writes or writes wrong words.

Whenever one writes or speaks, one speaks wrong words. Feeling sad after waking up in the morning.lycopodium 200 uses in hindi